Welcome to the web site that is all about Sean Paul. Sean Paul music, Sean Paul albums, Sean Paul lyrics and Sean Paul pictures ! You can even upload your sean paul pictures to let the world know that you've met him or seen him live ! Sean Paul has been an icon in reggae and dancehall music for years and now his international stardom as blown through the stratosphere, exposing his talents and the talents of Jamaica and the Caribbean at large to the rhythm and vibe that comes from the islands !

Sean paul reggae albums

Sean Paul's Senior album with a bang! Already blazing summer charts the first single "So Fine" Buy Imperial Blaze

Ever blazing! Sean Paul's most recent album topped worldwide charts. Best yet and more this summer!Buy The Trinity

This a the real, dutty rock !

Sean Pauls hard hitting sofmore album takes the streets in style.Buy Dutty Rock

This album represents what the other side of Jamaica is like. Authentic middle class Generation X .. Stage OneBuyStage One

Featured Sean paul reggae Music Videos

Sean Paul : So Fine
Sean Paul :Get Busy
Sean Paul : We be burning
Sean Paul:Gimmie di light